LSI MegaRAID with 8TB 4kn drives problem

Valeri Galtsev galtsev at
Tue May 31 21:12:38 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Does anybody have LSI MegaRAID (Avago, not LSI, I should have said) with
8TB 4kn drives working on the machine running FreeBSD? If yes, how did you
install system on that machine?

My problem is: when I boot from FreeBSD DVD the machine that has LSI
MegaRAID card (MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i) with 8TB 4Kn (HGST He) the boot
sequence gets stuck after launching CPUs loading USB (and discovering
keyboard/mouse). After that the machine doesn't respond to keystrokes and
keeps printing messages:

mfi0: COMMAND oxfffffe0000e56cc0 TIMEOUT AFTER 56 SECONDS

(and it keeps printing these lines with increasing numbers of seconds).
This sounds like it is getting stuck when loading mfi driver for LSI
controller. I flashed the latest firmware one cane get from AvagoTech
website for this controller. This sounds similar to the known bug in mfi
kernel module that was fixed in FreeBSD 9.1. Still, if I try to boot DVD
with latest FreeBSD 10.3, or older: 10.1, 9.3, I have this problem. If I
disconnect all drives, or connect older smaller drives with 512 byte block
size, all goes well, and I am able to boot the machine from FreeBSD
installation DVD. Also, I can boot Linux from DVD without problem with 4Kn
drives attached, but you can imagine I will not be happy to have to
install Linux instead of FreeBSD.

Does anybody have LSI MegaRAID with 8TB 4kn drives working on the machine
running FreeBSD?

Any advises what else I could try before submit bug report?

Thanks a lot for all your answers!


Valeri Galtsev
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Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
University of Chicago
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