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Wed May 25 16:45:16 UTC 2016

On Wed, May 25, 2016 10:51 am, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
> Does anyone onlist know of any small (RPi-ish), cheap boxen w/ 2 or more
> working RJ45 ports (100 Mbit is OK), FreeBSD or NetBSD compatible ? I
> would like to use them as a firewall & an asterisk box. I found Utilite,
> kinda pricey, also Banana-Pi R1 (5 ports, however apparently wired
> somewhat weirdly on the board, NetBSD networking doesn't work there last
> I looked). Anyone got a little beastie like this working ? TIA & have a
> good one.

I was looking lately for smallish cheepish low power consumption computer
lately to have it as firewall/router (running pfsense). I ruled out for
myself raspberryPI, for two reasons: second ethernet adapter on it will be
USB, the CPU is too weak to run decent firewall/router with decent
throughput. I took a quick look at Banana PI (just to reconsider my choice
not that I've heard bout it from you), and I have the same reservations
about it.

What I decided to go with is fitlet-i barebone (you will need to bay RAM
and mSATA drive for it, otionally their heatsink, which I definitely will
get for myself). This brings me in a ballpark of $300 as opposed to $40
for raspberry PI or banana PI barebone, but with fitlet-i I will have two
gige ports, and enough CPU power to have it handling decent traffic.
(Additional info: AMD SoC CPU, up to 8 GB RAM, made in Israel, or at least
by Israeli company; 5 years warranty, available on amazon, power
consumption up to 10 W).

Just my $0.02


PS I really would like to hear what others think, and if there is better
option than fitlet-i for gige WAN and LAN.

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