Samba on FreeBSD

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed May 25 16:41:02 UTC 2016

On 05/25/16 18:13, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
> I am contemplating creating a SAMBA-4.4 Domain Controller on
> FreeBSD-10.3.  Has anyone here done this?

You mean an NT4 DC or an AD DC?

NT4: Yes, in several cases.
AD: Yes, in at least two installations (possibly growing in a near future).

> If anyone has, and would
> care to share their experience with me I have a number of questions:
> 1. Is the SAMBA instance the only DC in your domain?

NT4: Currently yes, but I used to have a PDC and a BDC in a couple of cases.
AD: Yes (although I might be setting up a secondary DC on one network in 
the future).

> 2. If the SAMBA service is not the only DC what OS's do the other DCs
> run.

NT4: FreeBSD
AD: that would be FreeBSD again.

> 3. Did you migrate from an existing MS based DC?


> 4. Did you run SAMBA as a jail or as a BHyve VM.

NT4: no.
AD: Yes, in a jail (mainly, but not only, because on an AD DC there are 
some limitations WRT to NSS; that lets the base system or another jail 
act as file server).

> If either applies, why one and not the other?

I've been using Jails for a while, but never tried bhyve yet (last time 
I checked it was still not considered production-ready).
I believe usual considerations (i.e. nothing Samba specific) apply to 
the choice between the two.

Feel free to ask if you have other questions.


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