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Sun May 22 20:10:16 UTC 2016

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 > Your network description is way to brief.
 > Is gateway2 connected to a second ISP account?
 > Is G1 and G2 two separate computers?
 > Do G1 and G2 service the same domain name?
 > Is G2 really a LAN computer behind the host G1 computer?
 > Maybe "gateway" is the wrong word [ie meaning] for what your trying to
 > configure.

Sorry, herewith some more information:

G1 = ISP1 50Mbit - http server
G2 = ISP2 400Mbit
Server: NIC1 and NIC2

G2 is indeed connected to a second ISP account (400Mbit)
G1 and G2 are no computers but router/modems
G1 and G2 are not serving the same domain names - in fact G2 doesn't 
serve any domain yet.

What I want to do is maintaining the incoming services from the web on 
server1 (which has NIC1 active for this purpose) and get ports and other 
download services via NIC2)

Hope this helps,
/Jos Chrispijn

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