tinc and IPv6 routing, or: how to set up a local IPv6

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff stdin at niklaas.eu
Fri May 20 09:01:28 UTC 2016

Mark Tinka [2016-05-20 10:18 +0200] :

> Well, that is what ULA's are for, but to be honest, I use GUA's for both
> my public and private networks.
> I know ULA's mimics RFC 1918, but I don't believe in NAT66, so I've
> never tried ULA's.

OK, thanks for the advice. I haven't grasped how IPv6 works completely
yet. So, NAT66 is for prefix rewriting, right? Where would I need that?
Simple routing (as I tried to achieve) doesn't work here?

> I think your issue might somewhat be influenced by the use of ULA's.

I just stumbled over https://wiki.freebsd.org/IPv6TODO. Would you
recommend to wait with what I am trying to achieve? I mean, the VPN works
for IPv4, so I can let the servers communicate via v4 and not v6. Does
that have any disadvantages? I mean, shouldn't we all get IPv6-ready?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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