tinc and IPv6 routing, or: how to set up a local IPv6

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff me at niklaas.eu
Fri May 20 06:59:00 UTC 2016

Mark Tinka [2016-05-19 17:50 +0200] :

> On 19/May/16 14:44, Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff wrote:
> > I am trying to set up a tinc VPN that connects two servers. In fact, the
> > VPN is working for IPv4, but I cannot get it work for IPv6. Because of
> > this, I assume it's rather a routing problem with IPv6 than a problem with
> > tinc. To be honest, I don't have any experience setting up a local IPv6;
> > so I guess that I'm doing something wrong here.
> Firstly, does your ISP support IPv6?

Yes, I could set up IPv6 on both machines. I can `curl -6 google.com` and
get a response.


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