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> Hello,
> Can I record video from multiple webcams? I need record from 3
> webcams simultaneusly, I've install webcamd but can't find any app to
> record from them. Some apps allow 1 webcam but I need at least 3.
> Any clue?

I'll summary answers here:

Polytropon: I can't make mencoder work. It says no bktr0 device error and loading it with kldload bktr.ko don't fix it.

Mehmet: Camerorama don't exist for in FreeBSD ports. I tried other cam apps from ports but they depend on bktr and fails or record a green window.

Shamim: Zonemine tries to install PHP, MySQL, WebServer etc... and I don't want install them for this task.

Shane: ffmepg works and records from my 3 webcams to 3 different files.

Currently trying cheese, it has on 'Cheese'->'Preferences' menu a widget to select the webcam, but can manage more than 1 at a time.

What I'm trying to do is a bit different from what currents apps provide, I'll develop one that do what I want the way I want and not use one to do what I  the way they say.

Thanks to all

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