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> > Can I record video from multiple webcams? I need record from 3 webcams
> > simultaneusly, I've install webcamd but can't find any app to record
> > from them. Some apps allow 1 webcam but I need at least 3.
> Not tested (because I don't have even one webcam here), but would
> mencoder be an option for you? Many years ago, I've been using a
> computer with two Haupauge TV/video cards and accessed their video
> inputs independently by accessing /dev/bktr0 with one mencoder,
> and /dev/bktr1 with the other... not sure if mencoder could do
> the same with webcams controlled by webcamd...
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man cheese

is showing that

there is a command line option

       --device=DEVICE, -d DEVICE
           Use the supplied DEVICE as the video capture device.

In a Terminal :

[s at localhost ~]$ cheese --device=/dev/video1

(cheese:14915): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "5.000000" of type 'gdouble'
is invalid or out of range for property 'delaytime' of type 'gdouble'
[s at localhost ~]$

Picture from web camera is displayed .

[s at localhost ~]$ cheese --device=/dev/video0

(cheese:14997): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_settings_set_value: assertion
'G_IS_SETTINGS (settings)' failed
[s at localhost ~]$

Cheese could not start due to the above error .

If these errors can be corrected in sources , you may use multiple copies
of Cheese for multiple devices .


The following statements in different Terminal windows worked concurrently
in different web cameras :

camorama -d=/dev/video0
camorama -d=/dev/video1

Initialization of web cameras may be required by pulling and reinserting
them .

See how to Camorama in the following page :
view, alter and save images from a webcam

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

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