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Tue May 17 17:26:00 UTC 2016

Simple question: is this machine allright? If basically everything dumps 
cores that usually means hardware (mostly RAM) failure.

17.05.2016 22:27, Bill пишет:
> Using FreeBSD since 4.1 most recent 8.2 no problems, now retired 'old 
> timer'
> installed 10.2 release from CD on Intel core i3 boot, sound, video, 
> etc OK
> few ports would work, discovered pkg, still few pkg work mostly with 
> core dumps etc.
> Fresh install (or ten)!
> Finally default install, no software added, freebsd-upgrade, install, 
> install after boot to:
>  root at wills:~ # uname -a
> FreeBSD wills 10.3-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p2 #0: Wed May 4 
> 06:03:51 UT          C 2016 etc...
> Same situation, Have X working with icewm (blackbox, fluxbox OK also) 
> qtfm, gpicview, xpdf etc OK but dbus errors, core dumps, missing libs.
> Whereis fails to find installed software, including system stuff, libs 
> etc not found by whereas, or applications.
> Basically past doing much reading online/local due illness, home care...
> Seems a path related problem? Only change to boot config has been to 
> add Automount="YES", that i may retrieve backup data via USB key. 
> dmesg seems everything found, enabled hardware wise.
> Perhaps I need to do some config for dbus?
> Here are a few recent core dumps:
> dbus-monitor.core               firefox.core
> dbus-send.core                  gedit.core
> efreet_desktop_cach.core        gnome-settings-daem.core
> enlightenment_filem.core        gnome-shell.core
> epiphany.core                   nautilus.core
> evince-previewer.core           qtfm.core
> evince.core                     totem.core
> file-roller.core                xpdf.core
> root at wills:~ #
> Forums appear offline at present.
> Any suggestions, reading matter (simpler the better)!
> Enough working to keep me going for a while. Back to poking around 
> folders to find things. Enough online documents for now.
> de Bill VK2BLA...

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