maximum Linux kernel version supported by FreeBSD.

Atar atar.yosef at
Thu May 12 06:35:20 UTC 2016

Hi there,

as per of the following article: under
the section number 5.2, the author of the article says that the Linux
kernel which they work to emulate it in FreeBSD is the 2.6 kernel version.
he also stated there that setting the "compat.linux.osrelease" via sysctl
to another values than 2.6 influence only on the version number which
is outputted by the uname command.

my question is if there is a plan to add support to emulation of the Linux
kernel of higher Linux kernels like 4.5.x with all of the features of those
kernel versions. it is to say, when one will set the "compat.linux.osrelease"
to version 4.5.1 for instance, it will not only affect the version that
is outputted by uname but rather will enable all the new features of the
4.5.x kernels if any.



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