Possible bug: USB keyboard's keys become sticky

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Fri May 6 18:12:13 UTC 2016


I would like to report a possible bug on my amd64 system running FreeBSD 
10.2. While typing with the X server running, keys of my keyboard become 
'sticky': pressing 'A' once results in multiple (dozens, sometimes 
hundreds) of 'A'. This nuisance usually stops by itself and the key gets 
'unstuck' automatically after a couple of seconds. This happens only 
under FreeBSD (not Linux, not Windows) and only under the X server (not 
when typing on the console when there is no X). This kind of bug gives 
leeway to kernel developers to blame X developers, and the other way 
round too!

Manish Jain

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