How can I release freebsd with apache php application files?

Mathe Eliel elimek2 at
Thu May 5 09:56:26 UTC 2016

 am happy to come to this great community of developers. I have a concern
on releasing freebsd. I am making an application in php and html that
interfaces some other applications on freebsd. Now I made a release by some
commands provided by FreeBSD like make buildworld, make release, ... then I
got the files: .iso and .img . Now, when I installed them, the php files
that were written in the first system were not found and the /usr/local
directory was empty. How can I release FreeBSD thus I may find all the
files I added and all the ports or packages I downloaded? I was inspired by
pfsense which is a fork of FreeBSD. Thank you very much.

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