Recovering from X "upgrade" disaster [was: how to downgrade X server]

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Mar 31 05:20:30 UTC 2016

On Thu, 31 Mar 2016, Will Parsons wrote:

> The hardware in question (Lenovo Edge E520) doesn't appear to be
> particularly unusual (and was in fact working perfectly well previous
> to my attempt to "upgrade").
> Is there anyone who can give me hope of recovering this system?
> (I *really* don't want to trash it and reinstall.  And even if I did,
> would there be any reason to think it would work?)
> I'm desparate for a solution.

Sorry about the late reply, I was hoping someone who had the same 
machine might respond.

The only thing I can suggest to try is adding
   xrandr --auto

to .xinitrc just before it runs the window manager.  Otherwise, please 
ask on the freebsd-x11 at mailing list.  I'm sure it can work, 
just don't know why it is not working now.

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