Recommended laptop for FreeBSD 10.2 Xfce workstation?

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> Thank you for the replies so far.  :-)
> Is there such a thing as a "reference laptop" that FreeBSD is developed and validated against?

No. At least, not that I’ve ever heard of.

Alternative answer: whatever the developers happen to be using at the time :-)

> Failing that, I'm going to lower the bar and ask if there are *any* laptops that meet my basic needs OOTB:
>    I'm looking for a new or used laptop that is known to work
>    correctly with FreeBSD 10.2, Xfce, Firefox, Thunderbird, (whatever
>    free) Office, etc., plus encryption and virtualisation.

I think what might be helpful would be a list of what *not* to buy. Here’s what I’ve found:

* Broadcom wireless cards are a no-go. (Broadcom Ethernet is fine though.)
* Stay away from Skylake at the moment if you want maximal hardware support. Most issues will probably be fixed over time, but right now it’s not quite perfect.
* Several laptops have EFI implementations known to cause problems - look before you buy.

Other than this, FreeBSD has played fairly OK with most laptop hardware I’ve tried.

Anyone want to add to this?

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