FreeBSD ZFS snapshots and "previous versions"

Dennis Steinkamp dennis at
Tue Mar 29 15:36:10 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

i apologize if this questions has been asked recently but i couldn`t  
find a clear answer to that, so bear with me a little here ^^
In the past i played around with ZFS, can`t say i have much experience 
with it but i know the "essentials" about it, i guess. ^^
When i wanted to go the ZFS route in a home environment i usually went 
for OmniOS + napp-it, cause i was always under the impression that
you get the latest ZFS development on OmniOS after Oracle stopped caring 
about open-source.
Furthermore, the convenience of a in kernel CIFS implementation which 
made zfs snapshots accessible under previous versions for windows 
clients was just great.

But of course there is so much to like about freebsd and the last time i 
checked about freebsd and zfs was a couple of years ago so i am afraid i 
am not totally up2date.
That being said i got a few questions for you guys:

- Are OmniOS and FreeBSD are on the same ZFS version (or at least equal 
feature wise)
- Am i able to build a prooduction stable zfs filer with freebsd that 
supports zfs snapshots for windows clients the same way OmniOS does.

I did a little bit of research on this and it was a little bit vague but 
it seems its possible with FreeBSD and Samba4. Am i on the right track 
here or are there any other maybe better ways to make
zfs snapshots and rollbacks easily doable for windows client machines.

Thank you guys for helping me out.


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