please already - forms acces restore normalcy for new people - broken

anonymous johnandsara2 at
Tue Mar 29 03:23:21 UTC 2016

"The connection was interrupted"

"The connection to was interrupted while the page was 

i'd like to discuss release engineering aspects BUT i wont ask you all 
for practical reasons i should not.  however i do have an imortant request.

that new users be able to see forums if not participate in free speech 
in them.

why is it firefox 2.0, 5.0, now 20.0 cannot get onto freeBSD community 
forums (whereas the same does access other sites ussing httpS)

echo "GET" | ./nc  80
<title>301 Moved Permanently</title>
<h1>Moved Permanently</h1>
<p>The document has moved <a 

i can't even trace down why because the web server is showing "." as the 
altered location.

there is no help on freeBSD about forum access difficulty i can find

i have a box was just about to install freeBSD and wanted forum input on 
which version

i shouldn't have to be running (newest) BSD to participate in talking to 
other BSD users

OR there should be an "try these BSD forums" if BSD people have opted to 
work only with pay site GIT and do not wish to extend forums to new users.

i tried Major Domo, but no one answers questions concerning forums by 
email - or it gets lost in shuffle there are so many emails arriving.  i 
dont watn to pester the patch people they want new patches and no talk, 
not webadmin hastles.

anway: asked before a couple times.  i KNOW other inet users are having 
the same issues


Admin ID: EL3045-GANDI
Admin Name: The FreeBSD Foundation
Admin Organization: FreeBSD Foundation
Admin Street: P.O. Box 20247
Admin City: Boulder
Admin State/Province: CO
Admin Postal Code: 80308
Admin Country: US

Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Stephan Ramoin
Registrant Organization: Gandi SAS
Registrant Street: 63-65 Boulevard Massena
Registrant City: Paris
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 75013

i like french food but NOT french top down control - it gives me a 
stomach ache

BSD is a california product why is "it in colorado" with controller "in 
france".  that's rhetorical but i dont like your answer nor do i beleive 
it.  to hell if anyone but usa is "leading AT&T breed BSD, usc" - go 
takeover linux again start another linux war.


(i sound harsh to some, but i'm a pushover mostly)

but then if i was, i should be harsh when those who are un-initiated are 
being pushed aside is that right ?

thank you have a good day

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