ZFS on a NetApp powered VMWare cluster

Admin admin at allunix.ru
Mon Mar 28 05:54:30 UTC 2016

There kinda is no profit in using ZFS this way. It's good when you use 
local disks and give those disks fully to ZFS, this way you really don't 
have any performance impact except considerable amount of RAM going to 
ZFS needs. But other then that, no, FreeBSD from, say, 9.0-RELEASE works 
perfectly with ZFS. If you keep NAS on ZFS shared by ZFS - that also is 
a good idea, but if you use ZFS on virtual disks of VMWare then I'd say 
that's a waste.

27.03.2016 22:07, 張敬昊 пишет:
> Hi list:
> We have about eight freebsd workstations on vmware vsphere 6 cluster whose
> storage is based on NFS provided by NetApp.
> We have been using ZFS on our workstations because we wanted to take
> advantage of the ZFS boot environment; however, recently we are told not to
> do so because using ZFS would impose a huge performance impact on our
> workstations. Is that true? Or is there any suggestions on tuning the ZFS
> on those workstations?
> Thanks!
> Frank Chang
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