Anti-virus for FreeBSD

Polytropon freebsd at
Thu Mar 24 19:58:36 UTC 2016

On Thu, 24 Mar 2016 14:41:56 -0500, Brandon J. Wandersee wrote:
> Ransomware is probably the least
> threatening of malware out there, since it seems limited in effect and
> is thwarted by regular backups.

Interesting point of view. :-)

Here are a few impressions regarding ransomware (which I think
could be the next "big thing" especially in the industry space
as well as in the "cloud" - because it's so easy to trick users
into doing something wrong, and then they don't have any chance
to avoid paying). Especially where R&D takes place (or "corporate
secrets", "new invention", "big data of clients" etc. are vital
to business operations and how companies are perceived by the
public), this could have a _massive_ impact.

As you mentioned "backups": What is their value when they are
permanently online and accessible (bacause that's sooo conventient
for the users) - and therefore get encrypted, too? ;-)

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