[Phishing]Re: Anti-virus for FreeBSD

krad kraduk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 07:42:11 UTC 2016

But a picture can contain a 1000 words, and it also engages different areas
of the brain. However is an email a place for pictures? One can easily link
to something, and thus side step the whole issue.

On 24 March 2016 at 04:46, Olivier Nicole <Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th>

> Matthew,
> > It is not possible a priori to strip out any file belonging to some
> > arbitrary application which implements some sort of embedded macro
> > language, let alone tell if any such file actually contains any
> > executable bits.
> If you know the format of the file, I believe you can scan it and find
> if it contains macro. It's time consuuming and implies you have a large
> knowledge of what every file looks like. Anti virus do that.
> > This is essentially the approach taken on these (FreeBSD) mailing lists,
> > except here, it's reversed: all attachements are removed, except for a
> > certain number of known-harmless ones, like PGP-Mime signatures or some
> > simple text formats.
> I think one of the reason, beside security, is to keep the list lean: if
> you allow attachements, you quickly end up with email send in the form
> of Words documents...
> If you cannot explain your problem using plain ASCII only, then you have
> to rethink what you are trying to explain first :)
> best regards,
> olivier
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