Anti-virus for FreeBSD

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Thu Mar 24 04:41:03 UTC 2016


> Partly to toss some more fuel into the fire ;-) and partly to discourage
> too harsh judgement of "some anti-vurus software not catching some
> viruses" (or should I say virii as a plural of Latin word virus?)

I feel like bit of trolling :)

> First of all, the whole anti-virus approach is fundamentally flawed. In
> fact, you can not enumerate bad (what anti-virus is trying to do). You
> only can enumerate good and prohibit everything else. So, don't be too
> harsh on those [anti-viruses] that miss some of evil things sometimes:
> remember, they are trying to do the task that is fundamentally flawed.

And in the best of the wolrd, no one would be temptent to send viruses
(I doubt anyone uses virii, or else, they also call the veeroos, not

In the real world, you need to let the information flaw, so you have to
take some risk. While a deny default is the best policy, it is not
always possible to enforce.

> Second, the very existence of Windows viruses is based on architecture
> flaws of MS Windows system IMHO.

I understand that there is a good share of viruses for Android nowdays,
does that mean Android is build on to of Windows :)

> Of course, most of us have to use and
> maintain that system in a course of fulfilling our job duties; that can
> not prevent us from having some attitude. Based on which I would
> discourage running for your Unix/Linux mail server virus scanning software
> on Windows machine.

And that is why I am looking for an Av that run on freeBSD :)

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