Anti-virus for FreeBSD

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Mar 23 03:12:41 UTC 2016


> Now, think about your users whose files, with potentially
> confidential information will be accessible to proprietary code created
> by/for one or the other intelligence agency (I don't distinguish here KGB,
> CIA, MI-6, Siguranza,...)

The files are accessible to anti-virus code created by a private
company. So what?

Do you really think they will scan the files to change their contents?

- they will not be able to report any finding, because I have a tight
  policy on the mail server.

- they will not be able to change the files because I run the anti-virus
  from amavis, amavis provides a copy of the files for virus checking
  and all cares about is a return status saying clean or infected, the
  files that have been checked are discarded.

So, they can be KGB or whatever, as long as they do the job...


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