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> Hello, everbody, i saw a module named i915kms.ko, and i want to know what
> is its' facility, Could anybody please tell me where i can get some
> useful information. (and any other modules in /boot/kernel)

	I didn't know the answer to the question - so I can show you a good
way to start finding out sitting at a FreeBSD command line:

$ man i915kms
No manual entry for i915kms
                                               --- Always worth trying first
$ apropos i915kms
i915kms: nothing appropriate
$ apropos i915
i915: nothing appropriate
$ apropos kms
drm-kms(7)               - Kernel Mode-Setting
drm-kms(7)               - Kernel Mode-Setting
$ man drm-kms
--- Snip - go on read it at home

	So it seems this is a kernel interface for display adaptor mode
settings - conclusion i915kms is the implmentation for the Intel 915

	At this point if I really wanted to know more I'd probably go
looking around the sources and/or ask detailed questions here or in a more
focused list.

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