Troubleshooting smbfs mount NetBIOS name resolution

dweimer dweimer at
Fri Mar 18 15:27:15 UTC 2016

I am having an issue mounting smbfs shares on my system.

mount_smbfs: can't get server address: syserr = Can't assign requested 

I know its failing the NetBIOS name resolutioni, but I don't know why, 
and cona't find a way to troubleshoot it.

the fstab entries are:
//SMBFS at workstation/Music       
/jails/webmail/ROOT/smbfs/workstation/Music     smbfs   
rw,late,-N,noauto       0       0
//SMBFS at workstation/Documents   
/jails/webmail/ROOT/smbfs/workstation/Documents smbfs   
rw,late,-N,noauto       0       0
//SMBFS at workstation/Downloads   
/jails/webmail/ROOT/smbfs/workstation/Downloads smbfs   
rw,late,-N,noauto       0       0
//SMBFS at workstation/Pictures    
/jails/webmail/ROOT/smbfs/workstation/Pictures  smbfs   
rw,late,-N,noauto       0       0
//SMBFS at workstation/Videos      
/jails/webmail/ROOT/smbfs/workstation/Videos    smbfs   
rw,late,-N,noauto       0       0

I can work around it simply by using the -I switch
mount_smbfs -I workstation //SMBFS at workstation/Music 

Every way I can think to test name resolution works, for both the short 
and fqdns name for the host, and I have an entry for it in 
/etc/nsmb.conf for it.


There is an entry in the hosts file for this machine, think that was 
added some time back due to issues with smbfs mounts.

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot the NetBIOS name 

    Dean E. Weimer

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