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Tue Mar 15 10:18:42 UTC 2016

On Tue, 15 Mar 2016 13:25:51 +0330, Samira Nazari wrote:
> hi,
> I want to implemente RSVP daemon in FreeBSD 9.2 .
> I find rsvpd that implementated in FreeBSD3.4 in below links :
> Freebsd 3.4 is too old and we had a lot of changes in Freebsd 9.2 .
> We have to use a lot of cost to transfer it to the current version of our
> operating system (freebsd 9.2).

Sorry, FreeBSD 9.2 is not the current version of FreeBSD. In fact,
it's not supported anymore. FreeBSD 9.3 is the legacy release.
The current production releases are FreeBSD 10.1 and 10.2.
That should be a better target for porting rsvpd to.

> Are there newer version of rsvp daemon that usable in freebsd 9.2 ?

As FreeBSD 9.2 isn't really supported anymore, I assume there
won't be any resources supplied for such a port. So if you want
to implement a RSVP daemon based upon the sources mentioned
above, create a port for FreeBSD 10 (and the new ports infra-
structure which appeared during FreeBSD 9 development and is
now standard for FreeBSD 10 and 11).

Current OS sources and ports collection don't seem to contain
the RSVP daemon. Probably it has been "officially discontinued".
However, there's no reason someone couldn't start to create a new
implementation and provide it to the ports tree.

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