Are system updates without reboots possible?

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Thu Mar 10 19:26:43 UTC 2016

On Thu, 10 Mar 2016 12:08:35 -0600
"Brandon J. Wandersee" <brandon.wandersee at> wrote:

> Arthur Chance writes:
> > I'd missed the -R option for service(8). Thanks for pointing that out.
> >
> > However, that only restarts daemons from /usr/local/etc/rc.d, not 
> > built-in system daemons from /etc/rc.d.
> Have a look at /etc/defaults/rc.conf. The number of daemons enabled by
> default is tiny, and updates that affect them are (as far as I can tell)
> particular to them---i.e. you need to restart syslogd if and only if
> syslogd gets updated.

	Or one of the shared libraries linked into syslogd gets updated.

> The long and short of it is that services that are both enabled and
> depend on third-party libraries are almost certainly such because you
> enabled and configured them to be such yourself.

	Third party libraries are only part of the issue - what to restart
after running freebsd-update is the real question, but yes handling pkg
upgrade as well would be nice.

> Either you set up your
> own SMTP server that you configured to send SSL-signed mail over the
> Internet with your own custom Sendmail configuration, or you did not. Or
> your system is running a Poudriere package build service that signs all
> built packages with an OpenSSL certificate that you created yourself and
> serves them up with an HTTP server that you installed and configured to
> use that certificate, or it is not. So there should not be a case in which
> you are completely in the dark about whether a running service is
> directly affected by a base system update and needs to be restarted.

	I can always work it out - or if I'm feeling lazy reboot. But
automating the process would be really nice.

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