FreeBSD Crashes Intermittently !!

shahzaib shahzaib shahzaib.cb at
Wed Mar 9 12:24:39 UTC 2016


I am new to this mailing list so please pardon me for any mistakes. We've
started using FreeBSD from past 4-5 months and facing auto-reboot crash
issue since the beginning. Following are the servers specs :

Supermicro X5690 (12 cores, 24 threads - 2u)
12x3TB mirror+stripping (HBA-LSI9211)
X8DT3 Board

We've total of 5 supermicro servers built upon same hardware and all of
them intermittently goes down and sometimes they crash and boot up
automatically (within 6min) and sometimes they gets freeze and we've to
manually boot them via IPMI interface. All the time we get 'MCA Internal
Timer Error' in crash logs. Here is the recent one :

Once we reported this issue to our hardware vendor he said that its due to
FreeBSD incompatibility with hardware and suggested us to try installing
Linux on one of them and so did we proceeded with Debian on one of them
them but all in vain and server was still crashing. Once we reported him
about his failed proposal he then said that it could be related to
application which is causing this crash.

Now if he really is right then RAM should first swapped out to its full in
order to make OS crash but never did that happened, we've never been out of
Memory as 96GB RAM is pretty high. We've also took some precaution to debug
this issue :

- Replacing Power-Supply.
- Reducing CMOS in BIOS.
- Disabling Intel Powersaving features.
- Upgrade Bios

Now we do not know how and what to debug. If you need more details, please
visit following thread which we created 2 months back :

Now i am confused if application really can crash server without swapping
it out ? Could there be any php function which could make a crash :-| . Is
FreeBSD is the cause of crash ? Things are pretty blurred right now :(.
Here is the Kernel tuning values :

Please help us further !!


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