Cshell closing on CTRL-c

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Wed Mar 9 10:31:16 UTC 2016


I have that very annoying feature lately: /bin/csh will close when I
type CTRL-C.

As a nasty side effect, because I constantly switch between Windows and
FreeBSD, I try to copy something with the mouse, I type CTRL-C even if I
don't need it in FreeBSD and bam!

Or I try to interrup some command working in the shell, I type one too
many CTRL-C and bam!

Did I say it is annoying? I have a stronger word for this, revolvong
around a PiTA.

I am not sure how this feature even hapened, it seems it does not affect
all the systems I have.

Any idea?

Best regards,


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