Check which services/processes need restart after update

Walkenhorst, Benjamin walkenhorst at
Thu Mar 3 21:10:05 UTC 2016


Only recently I was happy to discover that Debian has a tool called checkrestart that checks which services need to be restarted after an update. 
I thought that was very nice and now I am kind of wondering if there is something comparable for FreeBSD.

freebsd-update tells you which files it is going to touch, and if pkg upgrade replaces, say, apache, I kind of notice that too.

But it would be nice to check if some processes are still running the obsolete/vulnerable version, maybe that long-running ssh-session or something.

The cherry on top would be, of course, a tool that does this in a way that can be automated, so I can e.g. send myself daily or weekly reports.

So, does something along those lines exist? If not, can anyone give me a hint on where to start working on it?

Thank you very much,

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