network hook up for Win 10 laptop on Freebsd

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Tue Jun 28 19:57:51 UTC 2016

Aloha List,

I have aquired a Dell Laptop Inspiron 14 -3452 Windows 10 O/S.

Box has Hdmi, USB and media card reader ports . Also Wireless network 

The network is FreeBSD 8 and has an old HP Laser jet printer and several 
desktops with FreeBSD that work with the printer.

We want to print email received on the Dell on the network. The FreeBSD network is hardwired with cables and connectors. The Telcom link to internet is wireless and cable mixed.  

Any ideas how I can do this with the new Dell? Can I use converter connectors to the cable and connect the Dell to the switch that the other working units connect to now. 

Thanks for any ideas.

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