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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Jun 27 11:37:03 UTC 2016

On 06/27/16 11:03, O. Hartmann wrote:
> I try to configure local sendmail in a way so that all email going to the
> localhost are delivered to the local machine itself, but email for an external
> email account is passed to the mail hub server. This mail hub server is
> accessible by any host in the closed network without authentication (this is
> given by a higher instance as a fact I can not change).
> I tried to figure out with the recent handbook but the explanation of how to
> configure sendmail is really poor. Since I'm not that familiar with sendmail
> itself anymore, I appreciate some startups here.

Actually, you probably don't need to touch ${hostname} --
occasions where the default config there will need modification are few
and far between.

Yes, editing ${hostname}.mc is the correct thing to do here.  sendmail
config is a fairly dark art, and you will need to refer to the
documentation.  One good resource is /usr/share/sendmail/README which is
a handy guide to all the things you might put into a .mc file.  However,
your best bet is to get hold of the O'Reilly sendmail book.  It's a bit
of a monster, but you don't need to read the whole thing front to back:
most of the content is lists of config settings you can apply to various
different bits of the config file.  Your requirement for a system that
delivers locally anything addressed to the local machine, but forwards
everything else to a smart host is certainly one of the scenarios
described in the book.  Not sure about the lack of DNS around your
network: that should work, but SMTP really needs DNS working to be able
to function in general.



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