FreeBSD-10.3p5 - Samba43-4.3.8 - 4.3.9 and smbclient

Steve Burton steve at
Thu Jun 23 16:45:16 UTC 2016

On 23/06/2016 17:25, James B. Byrne wrote:
> I am trying to use smbclient to examine our new testing samba43 ADDC.
> However, I am seeing this error when I try to run it:
> [root at samba-02 ~]# smbclient -L localhost -U%
> Shared object "" not found, required by ""
> I cannot seem to find what pkg provides this either:
> # pkg search smbclient
> p5-Filesys-SmbClient-3.2_2     Interface for access Samba filesystem
> with
> pecl-smbclient-0.8.0           Smbclient wrapper extension
> samba36-libsmbclient-3.6.25_2  Shared lib from the samba package
> samba36-smbclient-3.6.25       Samba "ftp-like" client
> but none of these seem to be installed; not surprising given the
> version numbers:
> [root at samba-02 ~]# pkg info pecl-smbclient
> pkg: No package(s) matching pecl-smbclient
> [root at samba-02 ~]# pkg info samba36-libsmbclient
> pkg: No package(s) matching samba36-libsmbclient
> [root at samba-02 ~]# pkg info samba36-smbclient
> pkg: No package(s) matching samba36-smbclient
> [root at samba-02 ~]#
> What is providing smbclient?  I would guess samba43 but that does not
> show up in the pkg search for some reason.
> In any case I checked for liblz4 and found this:
> [root at samba-02 ~]# pkg search liblz4
> liblz4-131                     LZ4 compression library, lossless and
> very fast
> [root at samba-02 ~]# pkg info liblz4
> pkg: No package(s) matching liblz4
> After installing liblz4 smbclient works.
> This appears to be a dependency which is not accounted for in the
> samba43 install.  Is this intentional?
on my system:

root at proliant:/home/sb # pkg which /usr/local/bin/smbclient
/usr/local/bin/smbclient was installed by package samba43-4.3.9

I installed samba from ports.


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