Periodic stuck in find (unkillable)

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Thu Jun 23 10:54:08 UTC 2016

On Mon, 20 Jun 2016 18:31:54 -0400 Karl Vogel wrote:

>> # ps ax | grep find
>> find -sx / /usr /var /data /dev/null -type f ( ( ! -perm +010 -and -p
>   I don't have a BSD box in front of me; can you use "truss -p pid" to
>   attach to one of the running processes and see if anything comes back?

On the box where I still have the "find"s running, I attached to all of 
them and waited 10 minutes: nothing was output.

The box where clamscan was stuck was rebooted in the meanwhile, because 
several clamscans brought it to its knees by comsuming all RAM and swap.

>   If that doesn't work out, can you get the full "find" command line from
>   /proc and re-run it in a separate session?  Don't redirect the output or
>   do anything else to change the buffering, and see if/as/when it quits.

On the first box I ran:
> find -sx / /usr /var /data /mnt/backup /dev/null -type f \( -perm -u+x -or -perm -g+x -or -perm -o+x \) \( -perm -u+s -or -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -liTd {} +

(notice /mnt/backup is not currently mounted)
The process soon got stuck, cannot be put in background with ^Z or 
interrupted with ^C.
^T gives:
> load: 0.11  cmd: find 38500 [vodead] 2828.23r 8.63u 50.07s 0% 2448k

Maybe I'm hit by >

On the other box the clamscan job got to its end in 11h, but didn't get 
stuck, probably due to the reboot.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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