FreeBSD 9.3, Apache 2.4 and IPv6 Issue.

martin at martin at
Wed Jun 22 21:04:04 UTC 2016

Yes, agreed.  I now confirmed that when I attempted a ping6
however.. I used bsdconfig to pop-up the post-install screen to add an
IPv6 name server. When using that, I cannot enter IPv6 addresses for DNS
server.  I tried manually just with VI but no luck.. (the IPv6 DNS server
appears in the config file).

Furthermore, earlier on today, I could actually see some of my services
(except Apache) running IPv6 sockets.  And now that's disappeared.  At one
point I turned on ipv6_ipv4mapping="YES" but that did not help.  I now
disabled it.

Ugh.. banging my head against the wall with what seems to be two separate
problems.  I may just take a snapshot in ESX and upgrade to 10.1.

I do have full layer-3 IPv6 connectivity though.


> On Wed, 22 Jun 2016 15:31:58 -0400, martin at wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Attempting to start up Apache with IPv6 but getting the following error:
>> hostname nor servname provided, or not known: AH00077: alloc_listener:
>> failed to set up sockaddr for [2001:470:b008::2]
> Do you have your hostname defined in /etc/hosts? Without further
> investigation (of system configuration and Apache settings), this
> looks a bit like a resolver configuration problem...
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