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Sat Jun 4 15:19:08 UTC 2016

Op 3 jun. 2016 14:56 schreef "Brandon J. Wandersee" <
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> Johan Hendriks writes:
> > Hello all.
> >
> > If someone logs in and su to root, then there is a line printed on the
> > first console.
> > Is it possible to print this to all logged in root users with a ssh
> >
> Would you mind sharing more details about your situation, and what your
> goal and resons for wanting this are? It sounds like you're placing an
> exceptional amount of trust in a lot of people.
> All privileged log-ins are recorded in /var/log/auth.log, so that's a
> good place to start if you want to track privileged log-ins.
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What I would like is a message like you get on the console when someone su
to root. So if I am logged in as root that I would get the message from the
first console also in a ssh session.
It is not about trust, but in case of trouble it sometimes happens two
people are working on the same issue.
So sysadmin 1 log in and become root. He starts to do his thing. Then
sysadmin 2 read the same ticket and logs in also.
They are not aware that they both work on the same problem.
If sysadmin 2 become root and sysadmin 1 sees that because he saw the su to
root then he  could  notify sysadmin 2 that he is already working on it.

But set watch = (0 all all ) shows logged in users so that way sysadmin 2
sees that one is already logged in so it helps already. But the su message
would be nice.

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