rsync or git backups?

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Wed Jun 1 20:38:02 UTC 2016

Phil Eaton writes:

> Is there a good article comparing rsnapshot and zfs-snapshots?

I don't know of any such comparison, but they are not comparable in any
technical sense. Here is the gist of how rsnapshot works, supposing you
configure it to make daily backups:

1) On the first run, a complete backup is created in a folder named
   "daily.0" at the destination.
2) On the second run, the original backup is rotated to "daily.1". Copies
   of all changed files are then copied to a new "daily.0" folder, and
   hard links are created to all other files in the initial backup, so
   only the new/modified files take up additional space and each backup
   folder appears to contain a complete backup that can be restored.
3) This repeats for every backup, to a maximum number set in the
   configuration file. You can configure multiple backup intervals and
   run cron/anacron/periodic jobs for each one.

So when using an external or remote destination the general effect is
the same. Storing the backups locally will double the space consumed by
the backed-up data, however.


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