Creating a pkg

Andrew Wood andrewjameswood at
Thu Jul 28 20:05:46 UTC 2016

On 28/07/16 17:47, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Try:
> version: "0.3";

Thanks Matthew, quoting the version number works, for some reason it 
insists on that even though everything else can be unquoted.

>> 2. As my program is Python & shell scripts and is therefore platform
>> independent can I use arch: all ?
> That would be:
> abi = "FreeBSD:10:*";
> arch = "freebsd:10:*";
> (assuming you're running FreeBSD 10.x)  You will need both abi and arch
> settings, although for a pure Python package they don't really add much
> value to the package.
Does that mean I can't create an all architecture package that will work 
on FreeBSD 11 when it comes out, I would have to create a separate 
package for future versions of FreeBSD?

Can I also clarify how I specify which files to put in the package and 
where I want them put on the target system during installation? Can I 
package up everything in a directory with dir: {/path: 'sha256hash'};  ?

That only takes one path though,  is that the target path or the local 
path on my machine? How does the prefix value fit in? What if I want to 
put files in several places?


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