math/open-axiom gone?

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Tue Jul 26 02:18:21 UTC 2016


after updating my ports tree, I've found out that math/open-axiom
has been deleted! After math/fricas unusable with sbcl-1.3.x for
many months and now gone too, I'm left with NO alternatives for
that kind of software here.

Fortunately, I still have a working package of open-axiom on my machine,
running with SBCL 1.3.1 right now:

$ pkg version -v | grep open-axiom
open-axiom-1.4.2_3                 ?   orphaned: math/open-axiom

$ uname -a
FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE #0 r303311: Mon Jul 25 20:42:34 CEST 2016     root at  amd64

$ open-axiom
             OpenAxiom: The Open Scientific Computation Platform 
                          Version: OpenAxiom 1.4.2
                 Built on Friday June 19, 2015 at 22:28:27 
   Issue )copyright to view copyright notices.
   Issue )summary for a summary of useful system commands.
   Issue )quit to leave OpenAxiom and return to shell.

(1) -> )quit

$ sbcl
This is SBCL 1.3.1, an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
More information about SBCL is available at <>.

SBCL is free software, provided as is, with absolutely no warranty.
It is mostly in the public domain; some portions are provided under
BSD-style licenses.  See the CREDITS and COPYING files in the
distribution for more information.
* (sb-ext:exit)

Do you recommend to switch to Debian GNU/Linux, where those packages
are still actively maintained, or is there a chance in hell to see
those ports reappear in the near future on FreeBSD?


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