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Den 21.07.2016 22.58, skrev James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions:
> Has anyone on the list gotten Roaming Profiles to work with Samba43 on
> FreeBSD configured as as an AD-DC?  I have followed the steps given on
> the Samba web-site and while I can get the User Home Drive Shares to
> be assigned to a user profile the Roaming Profile share is not
> created.
> There are differences between the instructions given for user profile
> and user home drive share permissions. But even if I duplicate the
> settings for the User Home Drive on the Profiles share it is still not
> created when added to the User profile.
> If someone could point me to a current comprehensive guide as to what
> needs to be done on FreeBSD; or can walk me though the exact steps
> that they took to get this part working on their Samba install, then I
> would greatly appreciate it.
> The official guide for the Roaming Profile set-up on the Samba wiki is
> not as comprehensive as that for the User Home Drive set-up and I
> suspect some trivial piece of assumed knowledge is absent from the
> roaming profile write-up.

It's been a while, but if my memory serves me right, it works like this:

When you set a roaming profile in AD-DC, it tries to create the profile
directory using your privileges.  It then uses your administrative
privileges (so you're in admin users) to change the owner and lock you out.

When I set up Samba a while ago, I decided that I did not like that I
essentially needed to be root in order to create a share.  So in order
to work around that, I use the «root preexec»-directive in smb4.conf so
that it can create the users' directory when the user actually logs in.
I used the magic [homes] share, but you can just as well use another one.

The only backside of that method is, when you set the roaming profile,
you get an permision error.  But the field is set anyway, and when the
user logs in the profile directory is created.

Jørn Åne

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