x11: Primary monitor goes black randomly

Rares Vernica rvernica at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 16:28:41 UTC 2016


I am using an HP Elitebook 2560p which has an integrated Intel video card.
I use two external monitors, one connected on the DisplayPort as primary
and one on the VGA port as secondary. I am not using the built-in display.

I use x11 with xfce and the Intel driver. It all works fine, except that
the the primary monitor (on the DisplayPort) goes black at random times.
Once black, the monitor reports no signal and goes on stand by. It does not
resume working if I move the mouse or type on the keyboard. One way I
managed to recover it is to turn the display off with xrandr and then back

I reported a bug on FreeBSD but I wonder if there are other things I can
try or other workarounds less intrusive than the xrandr off/on one that I
am using. See here for the bug report, log output, and version info:


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