How to make smooth USB access available to Virtualbox vm

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> I know that the subject line reads «How to make smooth USB access
> available to Virtualbox vm», but I was wondering if anybody has
> successfully shortcut that issue by using Bhyve with the -s switch?
> As per the wiki [1], «The bhyve hypervisor now supports Microsoft
> Windows virtual machines as of FreeBSD HEAD SVN tag r288524» 
> [1]
> Priyadarshan

For me at least, here are the problems with this approach for
production use:

-Bleeding edge FreeBSD HEAD
-Remastering a Windows ISO
-An AutoUnattend.xml automatic installation file
-Windows VirtIO network driver
-DVD-ROM remastering utilities (p7zip and sysutils/cdrtools-devel)
-RDP Remote Desktop Protocol client (net/freerdp) 

plus all the gothchas involved in the whole procedure.

For now, it is a lot to ask just for using usb (in my case).

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