Why is gnome3 missing gnome-menus?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 3 18:25:10 UTC 2016


I just installed FreeBSD 10.2 amd64 with gnome3 after a major hardware 
upgrade. I installed gnome3 via pkg. But the Gnome Tweak Tool would fail 
to load the extension for Applications Menu - and I was left wondering 
and writing messages to many mail forums.

It turns out that gnome-menus was missing from my system. After 
separately installing gnome-menus, I now have the Applications menu, and 
things are fantastic. But I do wonder - why does the gnome3 meta-package 
not include gnome-menus ? One would think that installing the 
meta-package would install all basic functionality - or else there 
really is no need for a meta-package at all.


Manish Jain

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