"Simple" Languages in FreeBSD

Priyadarshan bsd at bontempi.net
Fri Jul 1 20:35:27 UTC 2016

On Fri, 1 Jul 2016, at 20:21, Martin S. Weber wrote:
> Get yourself a "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
> (SICP), it's free and teaches scheme (a lisp). Once you've mastered
> that, you may happily delve into several "low-level" schemes,
> bells-and-whistles common lisps (e.g., clisp, sbcl), or "modern"
> lisps like e.g., clojure/clojurescript.
> If you take that route, you'll only have tired smiles for all the
> great ideas that these "modern" scripting languages come up with.
> If you add a bit of spice with e.g. Doug Hoyte's "Let Over Lambda",
> you might enlighten yourself how a high-level language like a lisp
> may get you hand-crafted assembler like performance.
> Do yourself a favor and stay away from the modern scripting languages
> that try to quirkily reimplement half-a-century old lisp (or
> smalltalk) ideas.

> Do it proper. Go Lisp. Enjoy.

Yes, I did not dare to say that, but that is exactly what I should have

If one really cares about programming, not just as coding per se , but
as craft, aesthetics, even lore, then personally the Lisp Way is a very
good way to learn.

Thanks for bringing up Doug Hoyte's «Let Over Lambda»
(http://letoverlambda.com) too, although that is considered an advanced
book, even for the more experienced programmers at our shop.


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