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On Fri, 1 Jul 2016, Felix Friedlander wrote:

>> On 1 Jul 2016, at 07:52, Allen <bsd_atog at comcast.net> wrote:

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>> Anyway, in all these years that have passed using FreeBSD and a bunch
>> of Linux distros, I never had time or patience enough to learn
>> Programming Languages, and I'm getting more and more to the part where
>> I'm thinking it's a good idea more so now than before.
>> I have the book "Learning Perl" that I bought a while back, and I've
>> also downloaded a bunch of stuff for Perl, Python, Ruby, and others, so
>> I'm just curious on basically what Languages anyone here would
>> recommend.
>> Literally anyone who responds with an opinion, I'm interested. Being
>> easy to learn for someone who isn't great with Math but does understand
>> Unix is a plus but not a requirement. I was starting to teach myself
>> Ruby on a Linux box I was using for a while and Ruby did seem to be
>> going OK, but a lot of the FreeBSD Books I've bought recommend Perl,
>> and I've also had just as many reasons from people saying to try
>> Python, so basically any Language and what reasons would be great.
>> -Allen
> Hi Allen,
> Perl may have been the language of choice 10 or even 5 years ago, but 
> unless you have a specific reason I would wholeheartedly recommend 
> Python as a first language. It?s incredibly easy, very powerful, the 
> standard library is amazing (you can implement a full SMTP server or 
> web server in about 10 lines of Python) and it?s available on a huge 
> number of platforms, including FreeBSD.

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I'll second Felix's recommendation of Python. I'm only now learning it 
myself, although I've been doing various kinds of programming "since 
'Nam." Python feels extremely flexible and powerful, but I'm sure it
has its problems as with any other language. For a book, I've been using 
'Introducing Python' by Bill Lubanovic (O'Reilly, ISBN 

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