Easiest way to watch Netflix in FreeBSD?

Santhosh Joseph santhosh at streamingbits.net
Fri Jan 29 21:28:51 UTC 2016

On Fri, 2016-01-29 at 12:37 -0800, Yuri wrote:
> It turns out that chrome (chromium with some closed DRM components)
> is 
> needed, but it isn't available in ports.
> So is there any way, besides using the virtual machine?
> Thanks,
> Yuri

pipelight + sliverlight works  well for me with firefox. You can also
install the flash plugin if you want.

..pkg info pipelight..
Description    :
Pipelight is a wrapper for using Windows plugins in FreeBSD browsers
and therefore giving you the possibility to access services which
are otherwise not available for FreeBSD users.

WWW: http://www.pipelight.net/


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