How to reference PHP path in web server jail to app server in jail

Sergei G sergeig.public at
Fri Jan 29 18:33:14 UTC 2016


I currently have this setup:

* Host is running nginx web server
* Host is running a number of jails.  I usually have a jail per application.
* nginx configuration file serves content that's installed in a jail by
specifying path to a jail; jailed PHP application has paths relative to a

I'd like to move web server into its own jail, but I don't know how I would
instruct web server to locate application's (PHP) jail files.

Any ideas?

Parts of my nginx configuration file:

server {
   # this is a host's path; it would change if nginx in its own jail
   location / {
      root /wiki.jailnet.private/usr/local/www/wiki/webroot;

   # parts of foswiki configuration
   location ~ ^/bin/([aa-z]+) {
     # talk to fascgi through TCP/IP.  I did not attempt to use Unix
sockets.  It would be nice.
      # path is valid inside the wiki jail; that will stay the same
      fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME

So, If I was to move nginx to its own jail I don't know how to replicate
   root /wiki.jailnet.private/usr/local/www/wiki/webroot;
line inside jail to point to another jail's filesystem.

I am not that good with nullfs, so if you could point to how to understand
it that would be great.

Thank you

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