Can I upgrade 9.1 straight to 10.2?

Terje Elde terje at
Wed Jan 27 15:29:50 UTC 2016

> On 27 Jan 2016, at 16:23, Ross <basarevych at> wrote:
> I have a server with an old installation of FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE. Can I just
> download 10.2 sources and do installworld and installkernel there?
> Or should I install all the releases in between one by one?

More often than not, you can just go directly, however;

1. Remember backup first
2. Skim through /usr/src/UPDATING
3. Follow the procedure about updating everything, in the same file. 

If possible, a fun option is to restore a backup to a spare machine (or VM) and upgrade the backup. 

There's also ports to consider. I'll typically do a full ports rebuild after jumping major versions. There's a similar /usr/ports/UPDATING. 


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