Unexpected dependencies of graphics/libGL

Luís Fernando Schultz Xavier da Silveira schultz at ime.usp.br
Thu Jan 21 14:22:54 UTC 2016


> Building only what you need is hard. It does take time and effort to
> provide the configure options in the ports tree. As such it is
> reasonable that porters might not choose to include every possible
> case. However if you think an important one has been missed it is
> reasonable to get in touch with the port owner and see if they will add
> a configure option.

I understand. I have already contacted the maintainers and now it is
up to them to decide how to handle this. Personally, I think this merits
the configure options, as a whole toolchain is installed, but I respect
them if they do not wish to provide it (the whole direct rendering stack
in FreeBSD has zero configure options).

If they choose not to, however, I will simply not update these ports,
as I do not even use 3D acceleration in this machine.

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