"fsck -y /" keeps saying "Disk is still dirty" no matter how many times I run it

Matt Smith matt.xtaz at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 09:25:19 UTC 2016

On Jan 18 19:49, Yuri wrote:
>On 01/18/2016 15:00, Quartz wrote:
>>Yuri- do you have soft updates AND journaling enabled? I seem to 
>>recall people repeatedly having problems with fsck stuff not working 
>>right on SU+J disks.

Yep. When I had SU+J enabled I could never get fsck to ever mark the 
disk as clean. It was permanently dirty with errors that it claimed it 
fixed but then you ran it again and the same errors came back. Only way 
to fix it was to switch off journalling and just leave softupdates only 
enabled. Then fsck marked the disk as clean as you would expect. I still 
to this day don't understand why SU+J is the default when it's clearly 
so broken.


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