Is it possible to mount my microSD ?

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Wed Jan 13 01:29:58 UTC 2016

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016 21:26:02 +0530, Manish Jain wrote:
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> Is such a driver available for FreeBSD (or at least for Linux)?
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> No, AFAIK. But I do wish ...

There are probably alternatives, such as using MTP, and as I said:
There are several settings that you need to check in the device itself.
The key procedures are:

a) enable regular USB direct access storage - will then work as expected

b) enable MTP USB storage - use corresponding tools

I can't imagine that smartphone vendors make it artificially hard to
access USB storage to a point where they require proprietary programs
and drivers... but you never know; I don't trust those shaving mirrors
any further than I can throw them. ;-)

Maybe this can help:

I wasn't able to locate the mentioned section in the current version
of the handbook. :-(

Also check The FreeBSD Forum (the web forum) for posts regarding how
to mount a smartphone, this will probably be helpful. As I mentioned,
there are also MTP-related tools for FUSE (sysutils/fusefs-simple-mtpfs)
which might actually work as intended.

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