Mediawiki: problems with Html2Wiki extension

Jon Theil Nielsen jontheil at
Mon Jan 11 01:33:29 UTC 2016

Dear list,

On a server running 10.2-Release, I had no problems to configure
www/mediawiki125. I do not use many extensions but would like to use
I have installed it according to the guide at Therefore, I also
installed textproc/hs-pandoc.
When I add the line "require_once
"$IP/extensions/Html2Wiki/Html2Wiki.php";" to LocalSettings.php and
reloaded apache, the only thing to see on the wiki page is something
like "Html2Wiki
requires pandoc.".
The pandoc command is in the path (I can run it from a shell).

I hope anyone has a solution.

Jon Theil Nielsen


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